Car Rent Uganda

Hire a Car for as low as $ 35 a day.

Location: Kampala, Uganda

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Car rent policies Uganda-These are company policies that guide our clients or the travelers on what to expect.

The policies are intended to answer the commonly left out concerns during the rental process.

  1. Driving age

Drivers renting cars for self drive from us should be between the age of 18-75 years old. This is the recommended age according to the laws in Uganda.

  1. Deposits

The reservation is confirmed with a deposit of 30 percent. This deposit is refundable in case of a cancellation a week before the start date.

  1. Late Returns

Late returns exceeding two hours are fined. Clients can be exempted in case of early communication, car break downs or huge traffic jam. We request our clients to communicate early always.

  1. Driving Time

The recommended driving time is 6:00AM up to 7:00PM. this is intended to prevent clients from matters that might jeopardize their security and the safety of our fleet. please reach out in case you cant make it before time

  1. Rental Extension

Rental Extensions are possible and allowed but the client should communicate early enough to let us plan more or even advise depending  on the condition of the car.

  1. Border Crossing

Clients can drive past borders only with authorization from the company. the clients shall meet the border fees and insurance in the countries they are driving to.

  1. Accidents

Any one can get involved in an accident, that is why our safari fleet is comprehensively insured against risk. We advise all our clients to drive carefully and sober since insurance might not cover an accident with proof of reckless or drunk driving.

  1. Fuel/gas Policy

Our fuel policy is simple, quarter-quarter basis. We give the cars at quarter level gas tank and also pick it with quarter tank of gas.


For queries, Kindly write to us or call/WhatsApp +256705909976