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Self drive tips-Uganda Rwanda car rental

Uganda self drive Tips are really important while planning for your road trip in Uganda.

Because of the variety of its species and environments, Uganda is one of the most well-liked self-drive travel locations in all of Africa. In addition to being second to some in chimpanzee tracking after Tanzania, Rwanda is primarily recognized for gorilla trekking. However, the nation also features a variety of landscapes and waterfalls that provide unique trekking options and views.

Rwanda is known for gorilla trekking activities and calm environment.

Tips to a good self drive road trip in Uganda and Rwanda.

Choose the right car for your trip

Sometimes, the prices may influence your decision, but you should keep in mind that compact vehicles like Rav4s cannot access places like Kidepo Valley National Park. As a result, you might need to think about getting a bigger vehicle, like a Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser 75 series, or any other larger vehicle.

Consider the car fuel type

Get information on the fuel type the automobile uses because not all cars use the same type of fuel. While some vehicles use diesel, others use gasoline. Petrol automobiles are less prone to cause problems while you’re driving, but they do have one drawback: they cost a little more to fuel than diesel cars.

Reserve and make payment early

Making a deposit of any amount to confirm your reservation demonstrates commitment and prevents you from using any lame justifications for unconfirmed reservations.

Navigate using GPS not Google maps

It is simple for you to drive to any of the places of your choice because the GPS synchronizes more quickly than most phones, providing you real-time location considerably faster than using google maps on a phone. Only use Google Maps as a backup in the event that your automobile doesn’t have a GPS.

Request air-conditioned vehicles.

ACs are a must-have for self-drive journeys. Because you will have to drive with the windows down in a car with a broken AC, everything inside the vehicle will become dusty. Additionally, Northern Uganda has significantly higher temperatures than the rest of Uganda, making it imperative that the AC is operating.

Choose a fridge instead of a cooler box.

If you enjoy cold beverages, never request a cooler box; you will only regret it the rest of your journey. The only purpose of a cooler box is to keep your beverage at room temperature, which does not improve the taste of the beverage.

Select a one-month contract.

It is strongly advised that you convert your three-week trip to a one-month lease. This approach allows you to haggle for outrageous rates that are only slightly more expensive than a 21–25 day hire. This will greatly lower the cost of renting a car while giving you more time to explore during your trip.

Hire from reputable businesses

Everyone can want to start their own business, but getting the necessary funding can be difficult. In this manner, some persons choose to act as middlemen without informing the customers. Without having a car to offer you, they confirm your reservations for a self-drive rental. They then dash to the big businesses and rent you a car under their own name.

When you reject an offer from a large company and switch to a smaller one, you may ultimately rent a car from the larger one by going through a middleman who poses as a car rental agency.

Provide Specifications in Detail

If you list all the specifications you require, the car rental company may decide to make changes to the vehicle to meet your needs even if you don’t get the car with all of them. This helps when you conduct your search at least six months before the date you anticipate being hired.