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Toyota Rav 4 hire Uganda-4x4 car rent Jinja

Rav4 Hire Uganda-Car Rent Uganda

Rav 4 Hire Uganda.

This is one of the most frequently rented vehicles in the Ugandan automobile rental industry. The Toyota Rav4 is the perfect rental car for expeditions because most Ugandans who use car rental services are low-budget tourists. The Toyota RAV4 is typically rented for $40 to $50 per day, and its fuel efficiency is a major concern.

Semi-sport utility vehicle manufacturer Toyota produces the Rav4 in Japan. In response to the public’s desire for a crossover or small SUV, Toyota developed the RAV4s in 1994. The first generation of RAv4s, which was available from 1994 to 2000, the second generation, which was available from 2000 to 2005, and the current generation.

The tiny and big versions of these vehicles typically have three doors each—two front doors and an emergency entrance at the back—while the large version has five doors—four front doors and an emergency back door. Although few of these cars have two wheels, the majority of them have four-wheel drive. Both manual and automatic gear gearbox options are available for these cars.

Since these models were created to maneuver through the chaotic roads that predominated in the world in the 20th century when most of the countries were still less developed, most rental firms in Uganda have older Toyota Rav4 models (1995–1999). Renting out older models of the Rav4 to Uganda, a less developed nation, is a planned outcome.

Up to four individuals can typically ride in these vehicles. They work best for a couple or a small group going on a safari. Due to their low fuel usage, the vehicles qualify as economy vehicles, making them some of the most popular cars rented in Uganda.

RAV 4 Specifications:
Engine Size:       1,990cc
Drive:    4wheel drive
Steering:             Right
Transmission:    Automatic /Manual
Fuel:      Gasoline/Petrol  Manufacture Year:          Usually 1995-1998
Seats:    5
Doors:   3 or 5

Why a Rav4 for a Self-Drive Safari- Rav 4 hire Uganda

The Toyota Rav4 is the least expensive rental vehicle Self Drive in Uganda offers to its customers, both in terms of cost and usage. The Toyota Rav4 is available for hire for as little as $40. Additionally, it uses little fuel, with an estimated MPG of 4.8 gal. per 100 miles. The Toyota Rav4 is very cost-effective in every regard.

Full time 4×4 drive

There is permanent four-wheel drive in the Toyota RAV4. Being a 44 vehicle, it can therefore navigate any type of road, even those in Uganda’s different national parks, which may be muddy, rough, bumpy, or mountainous.


Some visitors feel more comfortable driving little cars, and the Toyota rav4 rental offers them the requisite smallness. When driving, it is incredibly compact and stable.

Easy to drive

The most straightforward and user-friendly driving features come standard on the Toyota Rav4. Because every driving feature and component has been thoroughly considered and streamlined, anyone may operate it with ease on their first drive.

Quickly fixable

The Rav4 is a Toyota vehicle, and Toyota cars are well-liked all around Uganda. There are many mechanic experts in the country who can quickly fix Toyota cars. This makes it straightforward to repair a rav4 if a traveler has a breakdown or encounters any other mechanical issue.