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Safari van rental

If you want to visit Uganda with a group of 6–9 people, a 4×4 safari van is the best vehicle to rent there. This vehicle resembles a super custom van but is more robust and spacious. It is the greatest car for a group safari, according to many tourists who have already traveled through Uganda. Although its rental cost is slightly more than that of the Toyota Super custom (between 65 and 100 dollars), the majority of safari vans utilize diesel, the least expensive fuel for vehicles on the road.

Typically, these are Toyota Hi-ace vehicles. Compared to Toyota Coasters, these minibuses are smaller.

The first of these automobiles was introduced in 1967. There have been several successive generations.

The most recent generation is current as of 2008. With the drivers, these cars typically hold 15 passengers. In the past, only those with rear wheels were produced; today, four-wheel drivers are available. These cars typically have manual transmissions.

They have a distinct roof and a long wheel surface. The engines of these vehicles typically run on diesel fuel. In addition to the driver’s seats, they have a big middle door for passengers, two doors up front, and an emergency escape.

There are also utilized for safari trips in Africa, where they are mostly used as public commuter taxis to ferry tourists from one location to another.

Families and coworkers frequently utilize these to travel to tourist destinations. They typically hold nine people when utilized as the safari vehicle. In order to allow visitors to glimpse the exotic animals while on a game drive in the national parks, they are occasionally modified by adding an open roof. Most group safaris in Uganda involve the use of these vehicles.

Why Hire a 4×4 Safari Van for a road trip in Uganda-Safari van Rental


The 4×4 safari van is one of the biggest self-drive rental cars offered in Uganda. Nine people and a driver can fit inside. Consequently, if you have a group of more than 5 to 9 people, a safari van is the ideal rental car in Uganda to hire for self-driving.


It’s exceedingly challenging for a safari van to breakdown. It was built for long-distance group transportation. Many of our clients have thanked us for it for its tenacity and resilience. It is a vehicle that you are free to drive without concern for a minor breakdown in Uganda.

4×4 car

Due to the nature of the roads in Uganda, four wheel drive cars are advised for self-drive safaris. The 4×4 safari van is the best vehicle to rent when the weather is wet because the roads in Uganda are particularly sloppy, muddy, and challenging.

VAN Specifications:
Engine Size:       2,980cc
Drive:    2 or 4wheel drive
Steering:             Right
Transmission:    Automatic /Manual
Fuel:      Diesel
Manufacture Year:          Usually 1998-2008
Seats:    8-10
Doors:   4