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Travelling solo as a woman in Uganda-solo car hire Uganda

Solo car hire in Uganda has increasingly been a favorite to many solo travelers. These are majorly men who wish to adventure the different tourist sites in the country.

The women have also joined the trend with reason that finding a trip mate can be tiresome because different individuals wish to see different things in Uganda.

The article gives solo travelers tips to a safe, fun and cost friendly solo road trip in Uganda and her neighboring countries

Solo car rental Uganda
  1. Dress decently.

The Ugandan culture promotes modest dressing code and solo travelers are advised to dress in a way that doesn’t attract much attention to them. Dress comfortable, loose fiiting clothes that cover up to the knee level. The top should cover the shoulders

  1. Only visit safe destinations

Guests intending to do solo car hire/travel are advised to avoid places that could be harmful to them. We advise these travelers to utilize online resources, our reservations team and guides  so that they identify safe and fun places to visit.

  1. Choose accommodation with a good reputation

Much as solo traveling needs some sort of cost minding, visitors are advised to only reserve accommodation at reputable places of accommodation. This information is available on the internet and our team can always advise

  1. Observe the 6-6 driving rule

The 6-6 car rental rule advises the solo travelers to drive between 6:00 AM up to 6:00 PM as this is the only safe time for them. Avoid driving in the night. It is also advisable not to go to bars solo, get that cold drink from your hotel room.

  1. Carry a whistle or personal alarm

This sounds a lot of work and worry but just in case need be, have a speed dail to your car rental agency, they have contact people around the towns who can be of help. Make an alarm and apply the best self defense technique you reserved for the last.

In case you are afraid of traveling solo, you can join one of our guided trips. Talk to our team

If you plan to drive yourself, it is preferable to book a car from a trustworthy car rental company. You may choose from a variety of vehicles to make your safari unforgettable, such a land cruiser, a Rav4, a safari van, a compact car, etc.