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best self drive Uganda-requirements& Tips

The trick to that perfect road trip in East Africa is by reserving the Best Self drive Uganda.

Planning a trip involves a lot of reservations that need to be on point and in time, booking a car for self drive is important.

While price of the car rental is key, travelers are advised not to consider not only the lowest bidder but also visit the review platforms to get the best agency for self drive in Uganda.

This article is a guide to the pre-booking exercise for your car rental in Uganda.

A guide to self Drive Car hire in Uganda-Best Self drive Uganda

  1. Don’t rush for the cheapest

Much as saving is important, lowest bids are usually coming from unexperienced desperate agencies that do not regularly service their vehicles.

While reserving a car, look out for a reasonable company offer and ask for a discount.

2. Read the car rental agreement early enough.

Much as the 4×4 car rental agencies are registered and interested in maximizing the client base, the rental policies tend to be too tight for the traveler to enjoy the ride.

always ask the agency to send you a copy of the car rental agreement before you arrive or start the car rental. Incase of unfavorable clauses in the agreements, seek an understanding that favors you.

3. Consider the response time.

while you reach out to reserve the car, identify which agency has prompt replies as this will be key when you get stuck on the road.

It is important that you do not spend much time on the road waiting for help.

4. Confirm the reservation Early.

Uganda as of 2023 has few 5 star car rental agencies and they get fully booked early. This makes it an issue to reach out and confirm your 4×4 car early enough. The earlier the less costly it is likely to be for you.

Driver restrictions- Cheap Best Self drive in Uganda

The driver must be above 20 years old with a valid driving license and two years driving experience.

He/she should present a copy of his/her passport

He/she should not be above 70 years old.

Driver should abide by the road rules and regulations

He/she should not drive under the influence of alcohol or any drugs

Policies advise the drivers to drive between 6:00 Am up to 6:00 Pm, this is for their own safety.

Keep the car locked and do not park in risky areas as thieves are always targeting tourist vehicles.

Overland tours Uganda-Best self drive Uganda


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